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Consultancy in the Information Technology and the Human Resources sector.

With IT consulting services, you revamp your IT environment to make it go in hand with your business needs.

One of the most important parts of a company’s structure is to have a well-structured human resources management department. It is the backbone of the company’s sustainability.

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Consulting Services

Digital Transformation Consulting

We help embark on a course of digital transformation and bridge the gap between your current state of digital development and a higher level of digital maturity.

Project Management Consulting

We offer a comprehensive set of project management consulting services to help you deliver IT initiatives at improved speed, within the established budget and quality.

CRM Consulting Services

We have been helping B2C and B2B companies advance in customer acquisition, conversion, retention and get a tangible revenue increase for more than 10 years

IT Consulting

We will revamp your IT environment to make it go in hand with your business needs. the primary aim is to bring noticeable business outcomes with IT.

IT Outsourcing

We provide customizable IT outsourcing services to reinforce your business with cost-effective IT operations and fast software development.

HR Consulting

Our HR Consulting Projects cover a variety of specific HR needs that many businesses struggle to address. we serve as your partner in HR development.

IT Consultancy

Using IT is crucial as an enabler for success and growth, and if you choose us, you’ll get to work alongside our expert team who can advise, consult, deliver, manage and support you.

We follow a seamless five-step IT consultancy process to make sure you are provided with all the information, help and support you need:

1. Analyse

Before we begin any project, we’ll take the time to fully understand your needs, vision, and the desired outcomes you have.

2. Plan

Only once we’ve gained that understanding, will we start to put a full plan into place. You can be sure of transparent and effective communication, which allows for flexibility in the consultancy process.

3. Design

We’ll then bring together all of the information found in our analysis and planning stages, to design your vision, which we can then deliver.

4. Deliver

Once we’ve gotten the designs, we can start to bring your roadmap to life, to bring you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

5. Manage

Whether you require day-to-day management or top-level support, we’ll be on-hand to help, working towards constant improvement for the future.

HR Consultancy

Our HR Consulting Projects cover a variety of specific HR needs that many businesses struggle to address. These HR projects are designed to alleviate the burden of HR on your business’s resources and leadership.

Completing an HR Project is a good fit for your organization if your business is suffering from specific HR pain-points, but is not ready or able to pursue HR Outsourcing. Check out the list below to see the wide range of HR consulting project services we offer.

Our Services:

  • Professional Recruiting Services
  • HR Audit and Operational Review
  • Employee Handbook and other Policy Development
  • Compensation Consulting Strategy and Planning
  • Employee Training
  • Programs Strategy & Organizational
  • PlanningProfessional Speaking
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Performance Management and Motivation Strategy
  • Corporate Education: Management and Leadership Training

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